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International Conference on Managing Intellectual Property in Universities

Boğaziçi University’s (BU) annual “IP Management @ Universities” international conference will be hosted again at Albert Long Hall, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul this fall on 15th and 16th October, 2015.

“IP Management @ Universities” conferences are always organized in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a self-funding agency of the United Nations (UN) with 187 member states; European Patent Organization (EPO), an intergovernmental organization that was set up on the basis of the European Patent Convention (EPC) which serves 38 member states; the Turkish Patent Institute (TPE), an independent legal entity of the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

R & D Engineers and Managers Association (ARGE Derneği), Boğaziçi University Alumni Association Business Angels (BUBA), Boğaziçi University Students’ Computer Club (Compec) have all contributed in the preparation of this year’s annual conference, and we would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to them.

This year’s conference will focus on “IPR From The Investors’ Perspective”, and we are honored to have Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange), Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), ASTP-Proton, Thomson Reuters (TSE:TRI), Teknopark Istanbul (TI), Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK),  European Investment Fund (EIF)GE Ventures (GE), Fit Start-Up FactoryGün + Partners, Intellectual Ventures' Invention Development Fund (IDF) and Boğaziçi University Alumni Association Business Angels (BUBA) as the main sponsors of our conference. read more »

After Boğaziçi University Rector Prof. Gülay Barbarosoğlu’s welcome speech and the opening remarks of the Scientific & Technological Council of Turkey’s (TUBITAK) President, Prof. Ahmet Arif Ergin and the Turkish Minister of Science, Technology & Industry Fikri Işık, Keynote Panel will commence this year’s conference.

The Keynote Panel will include top brass from Turkish Industry & Business Association (TUSIAD), Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange), Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), and Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK) and they will share their unique organizational strategies and experiences and perspectives on IPR Management.

As it was the case in the previous IP Conferences, the first panel is always devoted to discussing international, regional and national strategies of public institutions on "The Role of TTOs in Enhancing Academic IP Commercialization on International, Regional and National Scale".

This will be followed by second, third and fourth panels all of which will be focusing on unique cases and successful best practices, namely; European, USA, and Turkish Experiences. Each panel will have experienced experts and executives from the respective fields and regions. European Investment Fund (EIF), Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange), and GE Ventures (GE) will have their own unique panels during which they will share with us their unique experiences at different territories.

Albert Long Hall’s entrance foyer will also be showcasing various GE Ventures innovation products which will be at display throughout the conference.

The fifth panel which will kick-off the second day of the conference on October 16th will be on “Best Practices: IPR in Successful University-Investor Collaborations - From Research To The Market” and will be chaired by Prof. Georges Haour, Executive Development Institute IMD, and European, Israeli, Turkish and American experts will share their experiences.

This year we will also be handing out a summary booklet (in Turkish & English) authored by Prof. Georges Haour as the second booklet of our BU-TTO Publications “Effective Technology Transfer” which is based on his recent best seller; “From Science to Business: How Firms Create Value by Partnering with Universities” and co-authored with Laurent Mieville.

The sixth panel is also uniquely organized by ASTP-Proton and Pera Consulting, and focuses on “PROGRESS-TT” -this is a H2020 project they are currently managing to standardize the guidelines for European TTOs, around better equipping TTOs for investment. By the time of the conference, they will have achieved a number of objectives/research results which should fit very well with the theme of our conference. By then the EC should also have launched their TTFF instrument with which PROGRESS-TT is expected to collaborate closely. This panel will focus on around strategies and tools for supporting TTOs to being fit for early stage investment. ASTP-Proton Board Members and top executives will also share their views and strategies on the role of the association and the capacity building of European TTOs.

The seventh and eight panels will be on “Best Practices: Successful Accelerator Experiences” and “IPR in Business Angels Networks and Innovation” both of which will have experts from different territories sharing their experiences and strategies.

The last panel will be sponsored by GUN + Partners, and focus on the “Legal Aspects of IPR Management” and various key advices “do’s & don’ts” will be shared by legal experts with respect to due diligence, stock options, venture relations, etc.

On the last day of the IP2015, during the morning sessions, GE Ventures will also conduct a separate stream of workshops and one-on-one networking meetings with SMSs under the topic “Innovative Strategies for Efficient Cities” which will take place at the Rectorate Conference Hall, and will be free-of-charge.

IP2015 will conclude with the closing remarks of Boğaziçi University Vice-Rector Prof. Lale Akarun, and the panelists will enjoy a farewell Bosphorus Boat Cruise dinner sponsored by BUBA and IDF.

IP Management @ Universities 2015 Conference will also be followed by three unique and different workshops and trainings.

Christopher Noble (MIT) will conduct two separate seminars and workshops on Saturday October 17th, namely titled; “Protect your University invention and turn it into a startup!” (3 hours) and “Entrepreneurs are from Jupiter, Investors are from Saturn” (3 hours). These seminars are suitable for University faculty, graduate students and researchers who are interested in starting a company based on their University research. They are also suitable for licensing professionals who are helping university researchers become entrepreneurs.

Dr. Nir Ben Lavi (Adzies) will also conduct a unique two-days long workshop titled “Systematic Innovation In Action: SmartUp Nation” on October 17th and October 18th at the Rectorate Conference Hall. This workshop is designed for industrialists, investors, R&D and “C level” executives of companies.

These courses will all be conducted in English, and are based on case studies and workshops and are subject to an admission charge; and therefore registration is required.

It will be quite beneficial for TTO personnel, patent attorneys, licensing executives, investors and business angels and researchers. Please, enroll in advance as there are limited places available! ...

Check the conference website’s relevant pages for both information on the course content, the CVs of the instructors and the registration process.