“Systematic Innovation (SI) Master Class In Action” (Rectorate Conference Hall)

11 October 2017, Wednesday


Dr. Nir Ben Lavi, Global Director of Innovation, Adizes Institute, Tel Aviv

09.30 - 17.30 Workshop (Registration Required)


Nir Ben Lavi is an entrepreneur, an innovation evangelist and the Global Director of Innovation for the Adizes Institute, presenting track record with multinational companies, industry leaders, Fortune500 companies, start-ups, government agencies and various holding groups. Nir is the Author of the book Reinventing Motives and co-author of the books Reinventing Innovation and Empowering Meetings. Together with Professor Adizes he developed the revolutionary ConnectAd software solution for engagement management as well as the Stratego software solution or corporate innovation management.

"Innovation in China" video - https://vimeo.com/136391996


The Systematic Innovation Master Class

  • How will you increase innovation to new levels of performance?
  • How can you raise the effectiveness of your entrepreneurial efforts?


The demand for high-quality Innovation and Entrepreneurship generating solutions continues to increase because of the growing competition as well as the rapid changes in the business environment. The Systematic Innovation Master Class provides your organization the chance to learn and utilize Applied Systematic Innovation methodologies, tools and techniques.

Through proven, systematic techniques, we will show you throughout the Master Class duration how principles used in the hard sciences can be employed to drive innovation, generate industrial entrepreneurship, gain a lasting competitive advantage which will, in return, lead to enhanced shareholder value.

The SI Master Class combines coursework, practical application of Systematic Innovation principles and revolutionary innovation supportive tools thus presents an integrated tool-box for handling real-world challenges. Public or private, national or international, your organization can benefit from the Systematic Innovation idea-generation process and realize its business goals.

Program Objectives

  • Be familiar with selected Systematic Innovation techniques to start new initiatives in Technology, Engineering, Software development, and more.
  • Have the ability to implement the newly acquired knowledge.


  • Welcome & overview
  • The Fundamentals of Systematic Innovation (SI)
  • Presentation of SI case studies
  • SI templates and their application in Business
  • Innovation Think-Tank Simulation – This is how you can Create your next money making business.
  • Wrap-Up and Summary – Implementation in the Real World
  • The Entrepreneur Capability Diagnosis™ - presentation of findings.
  • The implementation plan – this is how you will ignite change in your company


The Master Class is designed for Entrepreneurs, technology champions and decision makers who want to "make it happen".

This workshop is organized and marketed by BU-TTO in cooperation with Management Center Türkiye