Commercialization, competitive analysis and horizon scanning using Derwent Innovation - Clarivate’s world leading IP and scientific platform

15 October 2017, Sunday

Victor Zhukov


Victor Zhukov joined Thomson Reuters IP&Science (which has now become Clarivate Analytics) in 2015 with more than15 years of experience in knowledge and digital economy. In his role of IP lead for Emerging Markets, Victor is supporting CIS, Middle East and Africa countries’ key government agencies, patent offices, and largest corporations in advancing their IP and innovation capacity. He is based out from Moscow, Russian Federation.

During his tenure at TR and then Clarivate, Victor was a part of several workgroups aimed at improving R&D and commercialization efforts in various sectors of economy and public research, mentored startup companies for Intellectual Property as part of acceleration programs, authored several industrial and regional reports on innovation, and spoke at multitude of international IP events.

Prior to Thomson Reuters and Clarivate, Victor was leading Education segment team for Emerging Markets EMEA region in Adobe systems , and headed business unit for digital content in international learning management software company Competentum

Victor has a degree in International Economics from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI), and a World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) certification in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer.

“Commercialization, competitive analysis and horizon scanning using Derwent Innovation - Clarivate’s world leading IP and scientific platform”   (Rectorate Conference Hall)

We invite you to a pre-registration only seminar, where you’ll be given a hands-on opportunity to solve Technology Transfer tasks using world leading Patent and Scientific analysis platform Derwent Innovation and answer common TTO / IPM department questions such as:

  • How to fill a pipeline of technology and R&D having potential for commercialization?
    •    Search techniques for prior art/patentability


  • How to perform a market segment competitive analysis for the technology developed in your company or university?
    •    Build various charts and visualizations of industry segment search results and learning to interpret them

  • How to clearance search and mitigate risks of launching new products in domestic and foreign markets?
    •    Freedom to Operate search and Legal Status


  • How to build your international filing strategy and allocate patent portfolio management funds wisely?
    •    Analyzing international filing strategy using search visualization dashboard

  • How to find licensing opportunities for your patent portfolio and investment for your research?
    •    Patent citation analysis using Citation map tool


  • How to identify global trends, validate relevance of your research against them and inform its development plans
      •    Patent and scientific data mapping using Themescape tool, visualizing major players, country activity, and growth areas in perspective of several years

Derwent Innovation is a world-renowned tool for IP search and analysis, used by thousands of academia and corporate organizations, providing cloud-based access to patents, scientific publications and artificial intelligence tools. Derwent World Patent Index, an unique manually-created database of enhanced patent information which it is based upon, is chosen by 40+ top filing patent offices in the world, including Turkish Patent Institute, for substantial examination of patent applications. All seminar attendees will get to use the platform and keep their guest access for 2 more weeks. Certification exam will be provided.